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Your Alter Ego

Our “Successful, End-to-End Projects” philosophy and service model, provide a powerful alternative to you having to clone yourself!  Operating within agreed parameters and following structured communication lines, PHOENIXPRO becomes your Alter Ego throughout the project lifecycle, from design of the overall project strategy to its successful implementation

Alter Ego: Welcome

Delivering Excellence, Consistently

PHOENIXPRO is a highly specialized boutique consulting firm, with a very clear mission.  Delivering “Successful, End-to-End Projects” for our customers.  To be your Alter Ego for strategic and operational improvement projects you approve.

We believe in nurturing mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with our customers.  As part of such a relationship, you can expect a true partnership that is reflected in a powerful collaboration framework.  To achieve this, our go-to-market philosophy is based on three core values, Transparency, Professionalism and Integrity. 

By choosing to work with us, you should therefore expect and demand that we always speak our mind (even if we have a different view to your own), that we maintain a professional approach which always prioritises your interests over others and that we always strive to do the right thing as it reflects on you.

Alter Ego: About

Successful End-to-End Projects

For us “Successful” reflects a project in which we work with all stakeholders to meet deadlines, stay within the approved budget, deliver the highest quality and achieve the promised business benefits. 

“End-to-End” underlines our ability to see through a project from the point we are asked to lead it, to its conclusion.  It doesn’t matter which stage you choose to engage us, our commitment to you is to be your Alter Ego until the successful end of the effort. 

Finally, in business a “Project” must have a defined start, a middle and an end so as to facilitate strategic business planning, as well as financial management and operational excellence.

Alter Ego: Services

Strategic Consulting

Digital Transformation & Technology Strategy Design
Enterprise Architecture Design
Strategic Technology Benchmarking
Cyber Security Architecture Design

Business Excellence Projects

Business Process Re-engineering
Software Selection
Request for Proposal & Tender Processes
Project Implementation Leadership
Project Recovery
Risk Management Framework Execution
Privacy & Cyber Security Framework Design & Rollout



Chief Digital Officer
Chief Information & Technology Officer
Chief Risk Officer
Data Protection Officer
Chief Information Security Officer


Adding Value to You

A proven “Successful, End-to-End Project” philosophy, becoming your Alter Ego throughout the projects

We are not “Advisors”, but Active Consultants with a clear stake in your success

Business Depth and Technological Expertise to support your vision

Unparalleled experience with 120+ Projects in 10 countries

True End-to-End Project capabilities, embedding Privacy and Cybersecurity

Deep knowledge and comprehensive experience of multiple industry sectors including Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, and Technology Services

What you see (during the sale process) is what you get (during the execution of the project)!

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Privacy Policy

Alter Ego: Files

On the 25th of May 2018, the new European data privacy law, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), has come into force.  GDPR defines a specific framework and set of rules for the protection of individuals within the European Economic Area (EEA) with regard to the processing of their personal data. 
Any physical or legal person, be it an individual, a company or an organization that collects, stores, manipulates or otherwise processes personal data (hereafter collectively referred to as “processing”) is affected, and is required to adopt appropriate technical and organizational measures that make such processing compliant to the provisions of the GDPR.  GDPR affects therefore any physical or legal person or body who performs processing irrespective if they are established within or outside the European Union, so long as such physical or legal persons perform processing of personal data for individuals who are in the European Union.
The attached Privacy Policy has been prepared by PHOENIXPRO, with the objective of assisting our customers, employees, vendors, partners and all other interested parties that may be affected, gain an understanding of the measures we have adopted and operate as part of our own GDPR compliance program and practices.  When we mention “PHOENIXPRO” “we”, “us” or “our” in this Privacy Policy, we are referring to PHOENIXPRO Ltd,  the entity responsible for processing your data.

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