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Once you’ve added your physical disks to a pool, you can create virtual disks in mirror mode to have an effective raid 1. Note that using server manager is very basic, but easily gets the job done for some setups. Storage spaces have a lot of cool options and features that are only accessible via PowerShell. If you have met a similar situation as we mentioned in point 5 before. In case of some unexpected accident happened, you should backup hard drive before doing.

Step 1. Step 2. It will pop up a window where you can confirm the information, click OK. After converting the hard drive to GPT partition style, you can back to Windows Disk Management and convert basic disk to dynamic disk successfully. Once you convert a basic disk into dynamic disk, you can not convert it back into basic disk unless you delete every volume on the entire disk, unless you use AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter , which can help you convert dynamic disk to basic disk without losing data.

Still Need Help? I’d need quite a bit more confirmation before I would trust it in my setup though. It’s so much better and easier to use. Plus, I can simply unplug and plug the drive on a working PC to look at its content. No need to go through all the hassle of Storage Spaces.

Give that a try–you won’t look back. A cursory look at that makes me wonder exactly what that is supposed to do for me. I like the idea of being able to take one disk and mount it separately to get the files off of it but I’m not sure if that’s really what I’m looking for.

What happens when one drive goes bad and I need to replace it? I assume the files on that drive are lost? I’ve tested DrivePool with my spare 3 x 5TB drives. I simply add two of the drives to the pool, enabled x2 duplication you can do 3x, 4x, etc.

There is an option to enable protection against multiple disk failures too, but that requires more disk space. Then I added files to the pool, shutdown, removed one drive, started it back up, and DrivePool tells me one drive is missing. I replaced the missing drive with the third drive, and DrivePool rebuilds itself.

All files are there, all GB worth of files. I don’t know all the technical details on how DrivePool does it, but it’s pretty seamless. I’m still testing the free-trial program out as I am not fully set on it yet. Hope this helps! It seems that if you had 3 drives in the pool say drive a, b, and c and you chose x2 duplication it must mirror some things on a and b, and then other things on b and c.

Regardless you’ve peaked my interest so I’m going to have to give their software a try once I have my new drives. Coincidentally I had one of my back up drives fail just yesterday so this is pretty timely discussion. Interesting thought. I was wondering the same thing myself. With my three 5TB drives, I have a pool of I’ve set it to do x2 duplication, and put in about 8. I imagine the formula still applies:. If true that is super cool because you then get raid 5 like space utilization from any number of drives yet your files are getting simpler mirrored protection.

If one drive fails then I assume it just has to re-mirror any files that lost their mirror instead of going through a lengthy and risky raid rebuild across all of the remaining drives during which you can do nothing but pray it finishes. And worst case you can always take any single drive, plug it in somewhere else and still get the files off of it. This sounds almost too good to be true. Just an update, I’ve added more files to the I am very confused on how DrivePool works.

Looks like the mods haven’t approved my last message here. But I’ve posted a thread in the DrivePool forums regarding the spaces used for various duplications. It appears that if I use 2x duplication, then the DrivePool will use 2x more space; 3x uses 3x more space, and so on.

So from above, my 8. In essence, I have only dropped 4. I was reading it wrong. If you have three disks, “file 1” may be on disk 1 and 2, “file 2” may be on disk 2 and 3, and “file 3″ may be on disk 1 and 3”. This way, if a single disk fails, you should have a copy of the files on the other disks.

Thanks much for this info – you did the exact testing I would have done once I have new drives in hand so you have saved me a nice chunk of time. As long as you have windows 10 that can reqad RAID array again. Just thinking out loud. Everyone can say someone deleted them, but it is not first time accident and nobody had access to this machine network or physical. Trying to extend partition but the Extend Volume feature is greyed out in Disk Management? Read this post to get the possible reasons as well as the best solution.

When Windows gives Low Disk Space warning or there is no enough space to save new files, most people would consider extending the very partition. Luckily, since Windows Vista, Microsoft adds the feature Extend Volume to system built-in Disk Management utility, which could help users enlarge a partition. But disappointingly, lots of people complain that the Extend Volume feature of their Windows is grayed out, like shown below:. Do you know the exact reason for this issue?

Have you found an alternative solution? If not, keep reading this post to get useful information. By reading this post, you will be given 3 different ways. Is your Windows 10 Extend Volume greyed out?



Windows 10 pro raid 5 greyed out free download – Why you are unable to convert to dynamic disk?


Step 2: Move the arrows to shrink the selected partition to squeeze some unallocated space. Steps to resize your disk partition. Step 3: You need to move the unallocated space close to the partition you need to extend. However, after adding the new disk, it only shows as unallocated space behind RAID 5.

I cannot add it to C drive. Somebody said that I need to rebuild the array, but I don’t want to do such a task. So my question is if there is any way to add new disk to extend RAID 5 array on Windows Server without rebuilding array. I know I can rebuild the array to resize RAID 5, but I don’t want to waste my time to reinstall system and backup lots of data. RAID 5 arrays is created by 3 disks at least.

As a matter of fact, if there is enough free space on other partitions on the RAID 5 array, you don’t need to add any disk. You can simply move free space from other partitions to extend the partition that is lacking of free space. Before partition resizing, you cannot break the array.

You need to add new disk when there is no free space on whole RAID 5. For this problem, you need to know that you must have at least 1MB of unallocated space at the end of the MBR disk that you want to convert to create the database for the dynamic disk.

This space is automatically reserved when the partition or volume is created in Microsoft Windows or Windows XP Professional. However, it may not be available on partitions or volumes that are created in other operating systems. For this error, you need to know that you cannot enable dynamic disk on any disk with system partitions on it.

Also, enabling dynamic disk will delete all partitions on the disk as well. There is another situation that when you try to convert the basic disk to dynamic disk with Windows Disk Management, you may find that the Convert to Dynamic Disk greyed out like the following screenshot. Thus, when you convert a large hard drive to dynamic disk, the allocated space will keep Disk Management from doing the conversion. Different causes have different ways to solve.

And here we will provide you with some practical ways to solve your problems. And that would be helpful. It will open the System Properties window. Click on Change button. And after upgrade, you are able to convert to dynamic disk successfully. You can access the control for Storage Spaces in Server Manager under the files and sharing section, then look at storage pools.

From here you can add disks that do not have any partitions, or new in any empty partitions on existing disks. Once you’ve added your physical disks to a pool, you can create virtual disks in mirror mode to have an effective raid 1.

Note that using server manager is very basic, but easily gets the job done for some setups.


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What resources or companies did you When Windows gives Low Disk Space warning or there is no enough space to save new files, most people would consider extending the very partition. I appreciate the career comment. The RAID 5 array is created by 3 disks. Online Events.

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