ERP Implementation Project Management

ERP Implementation Project Management
Jan 2014

Project description

Leadership and project management of an ERP Implementation project for a Retail Customer.

Project plan maintenance and update in cooperation with key customer and the supplier

Periodic project progress reporting, as well as maintenance and periodic update of Risks & Issues
Dashboard and related project management reports

Project Director consulting and advisory services and participation in the Project Steering Committee

Ongoing management and update of the project timetable; progress in meeting the milestones; scope and resources and coordination of Customer tasks and deliverables

Reporting to the Project Steering Committee of project progress; project risks and issues; actions needed etc.

Responsibility to oversee the User Acceptance Test (UAT) design and execution and review of the relevant documentation for consistency, completeness and quality

Ongoing coordination between the Customer and the vendor project teams, as well as the execution of project communication and logistics between them

Periodic Quality Assurance reviews and design and execution of corrective actions, with the approval of the Project Owner

Management of the project scope in conjunction with the Project Owner and the vendor

Ad-hoc advice regarding project implementation and process re-engineering choices and

Execution of procurement processes for the project’s hardware-related needs (servers, PoS, storage, HHTs), in cooperation with the Project Owner

ERP Selection & Procurement GDPR Readiness Assessment
Regulatory Body
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