GDPR Readiness Assessment Banking

GDPR Readiness Assessment <br> Banking
Dec 2017 – Jan 2018

Project description

#GDPR Readiness Assessment – #Banking

An exciting project designed to allow the Bank’s management understand its challenges in reaching GDPR compliance. Key lessons and challenges revolved around the multiplicity and inherent conflics of regulatory and legal requirements, the complexity of the technology and business application environments, the extensive use of spreadsheets and the level of awareness of management and personnel of the impact of GDPR.

Deliverables included a detailed assessment of changes to the Bank’s contractual agreements (a surprise area revolved around the changes needed for contracts with international vendors), planning the way forward and identifying the most cost effective approach for implementing #encryption and #pseudonomisation.

Lots learned, highly practical recommendations were given a very high rating by the customer!

Technology Strategy & Enterprise Architecture Design for large Family Office ISO27001 Implementation