PHOENIXPRO in cooperation with MICROSTORM are proud to announce the successful completion of project «OYRANOS» for the creation and commercialisation of an innovative Security as a Service product portfolio.  The project was cofounded by the EU Fund for Regional Development and the Republic of Cyprus.  We are deeply grateful to both.

The main products of the project are:

Cloud Web Application Firewall

With the expansion of web applications and their respective use, attacks and other malicious activity against such universally visible applications have dramatically increased in volume and sophistications.  What customers are finding is that their traditional defences against internet-borne attacks are no longer adequate on their own to protect them from embarrassment (at the lower end of the possible damage) to serious financial and operations losses for more serious breaches.  The solution to this key business challenge is to use a specialised Web Application Firewall, designed to protect against web application-specific attacks and vulnerabilities, with the following key security and protection features:

  • Web Application and API Protection
  • Application Delivery Security Mechanisms
  • Technical and organisational measures to assure data protection and compliance
  • Identity and Access Control for users and administrators
  • Extensive Reporting and dashboards
  • Granular and Powerful Administration Panel
  • Central Management of multiple instances of the solution

Cloud Backup

The Cloud Backup solution is designed to offer the capability to our customers to benefit from offsite backup protection of their data and information, via secure communication channels and in a highly secure cloud environment.  With many features, the Cloud Backup module offers an entirely different way organisations understand and execute their offsite backup needs.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

The Cloud DR module has been designed to offer a complete Disaster Recovery solution without the need for any capital expenditure or maintenance costs.  By design it can handle high volumes and support businesses of all sizes.  Due to the high investment and operational expenditure which are typically involved in building and maintaining an own DR infrastructure, it has a particular appeal to organisations who consider themselves too small to maintain a DR site, but who appreciate the reductions in business risk that can be achieved.

The Cloud Disaster Recovery subscription allows our customers to conduct real -life tests of their capability to failover to the DR Site, without the need to enter into laborious preparation processes and time and financial resource investment.  In addition, it allows customers to more effectively manage risks relating to technology obsolescence as they can avoid the hardware investments which are otherwise necessary to sustain operational effectiveness of the DR solution.

Cloud Mobile Device Management

The Cloud MDM module is designed to offer the capability to our customers to embrace this new trend and take advantage of the benefits it offers. To achieve this, the Cloud MDM offers capabilities to:

  • provide access on a 24×7 basis to users that are in totally uncontrolled (and potentially risky) places and locations, so long as they have access to the internet
  • provide such access to an extended set of data and computing resources (servers, networks, databases and applications) and
  • allow such access not only on corporate-issued and controlled devices but also on user-owned devices (supporting in this way, Bring-your-own-device or “BYOD” strategies and reducing the costs for investing in additional corporate hardware).

Νέο Customer Portal

The Customer& Partner Portal has been designed to offer the capability to our customers to adopt the Security as a Service module faster and with increased engagement.  It offers controlled user access and can be accessed by our customers and partners on a 24×7 basis so as to deliver information as well as service and policy management capabilities.

For information and sales inquiries, please contact Ms. Christiana Stylianidou at or Georgios A. Korellis at