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Audirvana vs hqplayer free download

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So I use Roon for now as the interface is currently second to none. I am looking for forward to seeing Octave on the Bridge 3 when it is released hoping it can sound as good or better as Audirvana with an interface similar to Roon. Roon with HQPlayer.

None of the others compare at all. The gap between Roon and the others is large. Amarra is a mess. Jriver and Audirvana are better, but no where near Roon. I have a similar question about HQPlayer. If I understand it correctly, HQPlayer upsamples very accurately.

Given that the DS will do the same with whatever signal it is presented, what advantage does HQPlayer provide? HQPlayer really elevates Roon. Roon has a great GUI. HQP can be the sound engine for Roon. Do the free trial of HQP, its worth exploring, though there is a learning curve, its not that hard, plenty of help on CA….

If you download HQPlayer, its inherently a trial until you buy a license. I forget the deal with Windows. Once HQP is setup, you have to integrate it with Roon, which is easy. Roon has a simply KB document for that. Amarra does not work with Roon in any capacity. Amarra either works by itself, which sounds great but is a buggy mess to live with.

Or Amarra can be the backend sound engine for iTunes which is ok, but Roon plus HQPlayer trounces it in both sound and function. I will check today what goes on with the Audirvana app. Thanks for leting me know. Cool finding. The RME is shown as 32bit. This tells you nothing of the signals bit depth, or whether the signal is indeed bit perfect. If you are streaming a flac container, you should be fine. This is why having a DAC which provides a bit perfect test is so valuable.

Pro hardware thinking. I think you might be a little confused. Your DAC is most definitely bit perfect. I would like to know how this can be tested, besides from RME. I am just curious. Maybe there is a bug in the RME detection?

Funnily enough the bit test file only passed on the one program not even intended for bit perfect playback – HQPlayer… it was a lot of effort to turn off all DSP in HQPlayer for this test.

But Roon and Audirvana failed the bit test. Starting with the broken download link on their website the last time I tried it. I never really noticed that I have been using JRiver since V15 , now at V28 , its been my video server all that time and before I started actively using Roon my Audio server.

Awesome, the observation was back in Aug Maybe the software has been patched. Are you using Windows or Mac? Mac seemed ok at the time. The issue seemed isolated to Win users. Its in the thread. How much better than now? Cool, thanks for your reply.


Audirvana vs hqplayer free download.

If that happens I may subscribe to Apple Music. HQPlayer also features several selectable high quality upsampling and downsampling algorithms as well as selectable dither, noise shaping and modulator algorithms. What I didn’t mention so far is that the SQ of the new version of Audirvana also seems to be improved, with more “texture” to the sound – if that makes any sense. In any case, I have been happy with Roon. To do this I was using Audirvana app on my Android phone.


Audirvana vs hqplayer free download

Discover Audirvāna Studio, the ultimate digital audio player for Mac and Download the app on and start a Day Free Trial today. I-Tunes, Roon, JRiver, HDplayer, Amarra,Audirvana, others? Ripped or downloaded files via JRiver Media Center; Roon (Tidal and Qobuz). I own HQPlayer (but my computer is not young enough to use the 64 bits version so difficult to compare) and JRiver. My previous favorite player. Audirvana plays all the formats you mentioned, but it does not support a very useful format which is DSF-WV, while Foobar, JRiver, HQPlayer. Audirvana headless free. The HEADPHONE Community. Click here to Download HQplayer audio, to me, becomes more restrictive and slightly.❿

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